LEDS is a German research project, funded by the BMBF in its innovation framework “Unternehmen Region” that focuses on the development of a new generation of semantic, data-driven applications based on the Linked Data paradigm. The LEDS consortium will develop a state-of-the data integration platform based on the Linked Data paradigm. It will allow converting unstructured, structured and semi-structured data into RDF.
More about the project at http://www.leds-projekt.de/



Together with our partners we are tackling the problem of Big Data and Analytics. Semantic Analysis of Complex Events (Semantische Analyse Komplexer Ereignisse “SAKE”) is addressing the need to process large amount of data streams, convert them into RDF, link similar objects and store them in a highly scalable RDF store in order to be able to run predictive analytics.

More about the project at http://sake.iais.fraunhofer.de



Enhancing the linked data lifecycle for geospatial information. Together with the partners we have built a over 50 new open source software components allowing to extract, transform, store and explore geospatial data.
More about the project at http://geoknow.eu/