On the front-end, Ontos provides a set of integrated tools for semantic, faceted and full-text analysis. This area is being updated on a regular base with new functions.


Graph Visualisation

The graph visualisation provides a visual representation
of the objects and relations. The objects like person,
product, organisation are represented visually as
networks of nodes and edges. The graph visualisation
can be connected with other data analysis tools such as
bar charts..

2 scmetic

Semantic, Faceted and full-text Search

A set of interconnected widgets are integrated inside of a
dashboard allowing the user to make fulltext, semantic
and faceted search over the data silos. The application
also allows automatic enrichment and visualisation of
linked datasets like DBpedia.

3 individual dash

Individual Dashboards

Ontos is built the way that customers can design and
deploy their own dashboards. Our frameworks provides a
simple way to add multiple widgets inside a dashboard
and specify how those widgets intercommunicate. The
resulting dashboard can be easily deployed in other
contextaware applications.