Linked Open Government Data

Governments can integrate, link and publish datasets via a SPARQL endpoint. By this way governments enable a new economy that builds new applications on top of the open government data for users in different industries.


Law Enforcement

Supply agencies with the intelligence to investigate, analyse and report to crime as it happens. Discover hidden connections and interlink objects with different databases in order to identify crime activities.


Financial Services

Analysts need to asses large volume of data to make decisions and recommendations. Investigate facts, events and sentiment will allow to predict markets, interest rates and stocks.


Custom Solutions

Together with our customers Ontos designs, develops, and deploy new solutions against a variety of different problems using the Ontos platform…



Enabling semantic markup for news increases the SEO by using the “” vocabulary. This standard is recommended by the leading search engines. Connect news with the knowledge graph, display ad hoc information and provide a new experience to the reader.